Friday, 1 November 2019

Mark your page with stars..................

A new concept of ornamental Starrings Bookmark
using naked silver rings and beaded Dot Picot Strings.  

The star motifs and tassels are tatted with Dot Picot Strings using Dot
Picots and seed beads alternatively. Dot Picot Strings are woven onto
the center ring of each motif with Hidden Picot method. These star
motifs are joined together with silver rings of 10mm by normal lock join. 

Here is a close up of top part of the Starrings Bookmark
And the tassel part....…..
How to tat Dot Picot - Video
How to tat Dot Picot String- Video
Hidden Picot method- Bloomrings Bookmark.

All your comments, suggestions, corrections are welcome

………………..HAPPY TATTING……………….

Friday, 25 October 2019

Bookmark these daisies………

Tatters need to empty shuttles every time to take up new projects 
which may result in beautiful lace or motif patterns. 
My emptying shuttles resulted in…………………
First try with single variegated thread  
and another with two sold color threads.
My tatter friend Madhur reminded me that the motif which 
came up was exactly same as the first two rows of her Unending Doily
What a coincidence, she also tatted the doily to empty the shuttles. 
The first trial shows the bare thread over the center ring and shuttle 
join in each picot which are fairly visible.
In another attempt I used two solid colors where the pattern shows no 
bare thread nor any join. It was tricky to hide the bare thread 
and tat without joins.
Finally it ended up in Bloomrings Bookmark pattern 
Bloomrings Bookmark pattern - PDF 
This pattern is tatted with Hidden Picot method for rings and 
lock chain stitch method for joining the motifs.
Hidden Picot(HP) is a very very small picot, automatically made 
between the double stitches and hidden behind the thrown rings 
off the center ring.
From my Indian Happy Tatters Group, Magnus tried this pattern 
and came up with this attractive color combination.
This is not a test tatted pattern but hope you find it easy to tat.

Your valuable suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Wish you all……………..HAPPY TATTING.......... 

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Ring Ring Ringa……..

Tatting on Rings⭘ ▢ △ ◊ ⬯.................
I have been working on new jewelry patterns using metal rings of different sizes from
2,3,4 mm to 38mm and also in different shapes e.g. round, teardrop diamonds etc.
Sharing here my new danglers using Puff pattern.
'Puff ' - The shape formed inside the ring due to gathering and twisting of threads while
weaving on the ring.
The earrings posted here are tatted with Anchor 20 thread.
(1)Puff Ring Danglers A-The Puff is made by tying thread in the center.
Ring size-18mm
(2)Puff Ring Danglers B-The big eyed bead is added while weaving the Puff.
Ring size- 28mm
(3) Puff Teardrop Danglers - Teardrop shaped Ring Size - 25mmX15mm
(4) Puff Diamond Danglers - Diamond shaped Ring Size- 8mmX8mm
Working of the Puff- Ring Size- 22mm
Note: *Thickness of the Puff varies with number of thread insertions. 
             *These insertions depend on the bead eye size.
Make a pair this way and you get ……….. 
The working pics will help you try out my Puff Danglers pattern.

Any suggestions, queries and comments are welcome.

⧪⧪⧪......HAPPY TATTING......⧪⧪⧪

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Tatting along the Guchhas!!!!

Another great day for Indian Tatting Group 'Happy Tatters' !!!
There was an overwhelming response from enthusiastic tatters for a tat along pattern of.........
                                     Guchha Earrings . 
The tat along session was taken up by our most loving senior tatter Madhur .
She has her own unique style of explanation and demonstration.
Each participant came up with lovely combination of threads and beads.
First Session entries 
Second Session postings 
Specially clicked close up of Guchhas with sequins by Smita 
Sujatha tatted Guchhas with graded rings on Vandana's suggestion. That came out fabulous too. 
I thank all my tatter friends for their wholehearted participation🙏

So do you also feel like tatting the Guchhas now??????😃
Do mail me your experiments and variations.
And yes, your comments and suggestions too. 


Sunday, 21 April 2019

Beaded Beauties..1

My bead mania continues😀......
with Guchha Earrings
These beaded earrings perfectly named as 'Guchha' by my dear tatter friend Madhur and I loved the name😍
The meaning of the word 'guchha' in Indian language is a bunch of flowers or fruits, tied together or growing on the same stem.
I tried to replicate this nature's pattern in my tatting.
These 'guchhas' are tatted in easy steps using single shuttle.
Here is a step by step pictorial..........
1. First ring tatted using seed beads on ring and shuttle thread.
2. Tat two more rings similar way. 
3. Tie up all three rings and tat a big ring with a picot to attach a finding.
Here are some variations with different color combinations and bead sizes for you

Enjoy tatting with beads😀😀

Happy Tatting..........

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Beaded beauties

Lanyards are tatted using 1,2 mm glass beads with single shuttle. I have tried to tat rings of 3 and 4 double stitches as per bead size. These rings are snugged in such a way that they resemble the consecutive real glass bead.
The Dark Blue and the red lanyards are tatted using 1mm beads with rings of 3ds and the Sky Blue 2mm beads with rings of 4ds.
This Black lanyard with white transparent glass beads is currently in progress. These are 1mm beads with rings of 3ds.
Close up of the work

Happy Tatting................😀