Monday, 23 November 2020

The Magic of SRS

 Yellow Delight …..A Square motif tatted in one pass with.....

  1. Split Rings Strings (SRS), a Braid of tiny split rings of (3/3) each,

 giving a beautiful string effect with contrast colours.

  1. SSSR- A Single Shuttle Double Core Split Ring to climb out.

PDF Pattern Link : Yellow Delight 

Marie McCurry, Kathleen J Minniti, Sue Hanson offered to  test tat  the motif 

Yellow Delight.

The pattern was finalized after incorporating corrections suggested by the test tatters. 

Muskaan helped in the layout of the PDF pattern  with corrections in diagrams 

and few tatting terms.

Diagramming credit goes to……. 

Nirali Shah-Crafty Affairss from Happy Tatters Group 

Marie tatted the square in Lizbeth Thread Size 20 which measured 7.5cmX7.5cm. 

She beautifully added a string of split rings with a few seed beads to make a tassel 

to use as  a charm or a bookmark!


Same motif with light and dark background. Such a pretty work by Marie!!!!

“I finally took a decent picture, getting the light purple to turn out.  

This is a gorgeous pattern.  I'm so proud of you.  

I remember when you first started.”.....Marie

Kathleen tested the pattern with samples in different thread sizes in Lizbeth

Kathleen wrote: “the raw, unblocked piece did not lie flat, despite my using three 

different threads to try it. The middle part - round 1 - kept popping up into a little 

3-D box standing out from the other two rounds, which lay beautifully.”

 Trial-1 Purple and Leafy Greens in Liz 20 Unblocked

After blocking……

Test Tats for Yellow Delight by Usha

Kathleen wrote: “The samples above were worked in the following threads:  

Purple/Greens - Lizbeth size 20;  Pink/Beige - Cebelia size 30; 

multi Orange/Yellow/Black  - Lizbeth Twirlz size 20."

My pleasure!  I did work that sample I mentioned using rings of 6-6 for the inner

 layer only.  I had some Lizbeth size 40 that needed used up, so here it is:”

 Rings of 6 - 6  sample in size 40

“I did enjoy working this motif quite a bit - hence the multiple samples!  

I plan to glue them into greeting cards.” 

Lovely idea Kathleen!!

Sue could not try out the pattern due to her ill health. 

Muskaan helped me in finalizing the pattern. She meticulously checked the 

written instructions, diagrams and layout of the PDF pattern. 

Loads of thanks from my heart to……….

Marie, Kathleen, Sue, Nirali and Muskaan.

Would you like to tat this motif?? 

Do write your comments and share experience of tatting this pattern

                    HAPPY TATTING