Friday, 21 April 2017

Heart Transforms!!!!!

Hello everyone
It's not a new lanyard pattern here but a lovely heart. A beautiful heart with a different technique of Dot Picots explained in my first blog My dot picot. I love to see picots in filled style rather  than holed ones as we usually tat. The dot picots give fuller look to picots and they also look ornamental.

I have tatted original heart pattern shared by Nina Libin with Anchor 20 thread.
Muskaan called inside rings as butterfly in her blog.

Nina is a great tatter designer. Just love to tat her beautiful patterns.
Nina Libin's Heart for Kay pattern can be found here:
Nina has used different techniques in this pattern, such as rings, chains, floating rings, picots and various joins. I tried to join chains to rings of inner butterfly by using catherine wheel join in this heart motif at four points as shown in the pic below
With a little variation of converting the picots on outer chains into dot picots while keeping all other techniques same as in original heart motif, I could transform Ninas Heart for Kay.
Now look at both the hearts together..........only difference in picots.
 Isn't that a great transformation!!!!

I hope you will enjoy working my Dot Picot version of Nina Libin's Heart for Kay.
Thanks to Nina for sharing such a pretty heart pattern!!

Happy Tatting.........

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Lanyards continued...............2

Hello all,
I am using different combinations of beads and threads to continue tatting lanyards. These patterns can be used for necklaces, chokers, bracelets, anklets etc. I have made some patterns without using beads for decorating envelopes too. You will see them in my blogs later.
Happy to announce that I have joined 25 Motif Challenge by Sharon. 
This is the link to see my posts at My Challenges
Currently I have tatted all lanyards for eyeglasses. As some patterns of lanyard are same, I have mentioned appropriate links to patterns for your convenience.
Here are my new lanyards .........
 Lanyard 7  
All are simple split rings made with sky blue Anchor thread tkt 20. I have used tiny shiny white beads n big blue bead in between them giving sparkling look to the lanyard.
Tiny white beads are strung in each of Shuttle 1 and Shuttle 2. This close up will show you SR 8/8, SLT. Push one white bead from each shuttle n again make SLT.  Add bigger blue bead as shown in this link by Jane Eborall - Add bead lazy way , again one SLT, one white bead from each shuttle and continue next split ring.
                     Lanyard 8
 A Very decent combination of Grey Achor 20 number thread with golden bugle beads and black seed beads. The golden bugle beads are to be strung in both the Shuttles. Method of adding beads can be found here:Lanyard 4
                  Lanyard 9
This lanyard too same as Lanyard 6  in my earlier post but the placement, shape n color of beads vary. The white shiny beads are strung in both shuttles before working.

I hope you all will enjoy working on these patterns. 
Will be posting my other work soon.....
Any querries or suggestions about any of my posts are always welcome.
I value your comments too.
Happy Tatting to you all.