Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Dot Picot Cross for Georgia

What a wonderful experience I had while working on The Cross diagram. The original idea of Georgia Seitz, Diagram by Jane Eborall, Muskaan’s help for finalising the pattern and there emerged a beautiful Dot Picot Cross with variations for the Online Tatting Class.
We had a great time learning the pattern and exploring new ideas with Georgia and other experienced tatters in the class today.
The Dot Picots give a graceful and ornamental look to the cross.

Original Cross idea from Georgia               Diagram by Jane Eborall


The PDF Pattern here-- Dot Picot Cross
The Pattern was so beautifully designed by Georgia, I could not resist trying out variations. 
The mock or floating rings on the center large ring and split rings at the bottom  have Dot Picots tatted with SCMR, Dot Picot on a Ring, ROR method. The two colored cross needed Double Core split rings instead of normal split rings.
See the detailed notated pics below…...

The cross with beads replacing the Dot Picots looks stunning too.

Close up of Beaded Cross
Another variation, I tatted a simple cross in two colors with normal picots and used a Triple Picot in the center top ring to give more decorative look to the pattern.

I wish you all try this lovely Cross pattern n enjoy tatting many more variations of your own.

Thank you so much

 Georgia, Jane and Muskaan

 for helping me complete this Dot Picot Cross Project with ease, creativity and perfection.

Do write your opinions, comments, suggestions here…..