Friday, 25 October 2019

Bookmark these daisies………

Tatters need to empty shuttles every time to take up new projects 
which may result in beautiful lace or motif patterns. 
My emptying shuttles resulted in…………………
First try with single variegated thread  
and another with two sold color threads.
My tatter friend Madhur reminded me that the motif which 
came up was exactly same as the first two rows of her Unending Doily
What a coincidence, she also tatted the doily to empty the shuttles. 
The first trial shows the bare thread over the center ring and shuttle 
join in each picot which are fairly visible.
In another attempt I used two solid colors where the pattern shows no 
bare thread nor any join. It was tricky to hide the bare thread 
and tat without joins.
Finally it ended up in Bloomrings Bookmark pattern 
Bloomrings Bookmark pattern - PDF 
This pattern is tatted with Hidden Picot method for rings and 
lock chain stitch method for joining the motifs.
Hidden Picot(HP) is a very very small picot, automatically made 
between the double stitches and hidden behind the thrown rings 
off the center ring.
From my Indian Happy Tatters Group, Magnus tried this pattern 
and came up with this attractive color combination.
This is not a test tatted pattern but hope you find it easy to tat.

Your valuable suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Wish you all……………..HAPPY TATTING..........