Sunday, 4 June 2017

My Group,My Inspiration

Dedicating this post to my Indian Tatting Group Happy Tatters!!!!!!
HAPPY TATTERS, My Indian Tatting Group since September 2016, is currently rocking with weekly themes like Single, double shuttle, shuttle n ball motifs, laces etc with all possible combinations. There are number of designs to work on where sky is the limit.  Members got very much inspired by the Theme Idea floated by Vrinda Bandishte, a tatter designer from Pune, Maharashtra. The group includes all super multi talented tatters viz. Madhur Dadlani, Vrinda Bandishte, Thilothama Bhat, Shalmali Bapat, Saadia Habib, Anuradha Bhusari, Vani Kattoju, Smita Koppikar, Aparna Joglekar, Meenal Palshikar, Vandana Puri and many others. 
Single shuttle designs have brought a lot of enthusiasm to tat simple pieces so far. The theme had to be extended for one more week as everyone wanted to tat more designs. The theme has inspired each member to tat at least a single motif everyday.
Here are some snapshots of theme work i.e. Tatting with Single Shuttle by the members during last fortnight. All patterns tatted are from internet or from Antique Pattern Library or DMC Patterns book with due credit to the original designers like Mark Mayers, Mary Konior and others. 
Madhur has tatted number of doilies, motifs which are posted on her blog. She has gifted away a lot of her tatted work and still tatting more…… She is so enthusiastic that she has tatted more than one motif each day with her fastest speed of tatting. Watch her video on You Tube.

Vrinda is very creative, multi-talented tatter, designing her own patterns and we all are proud of her work too. Tatting with theme is her brainchild which allows everyone’s creativity to reach sky. Below are her own designs under the name Knotty Creations  
Shalmali is a very sincere tatter, crafting other arts too. She has tatted many pieces and stitched them on dresses and sarees and other outfits. Her application of Tatting work in daily use is worth appreciating.
Saadia is a versatile crafter, a wonderful tatter. Her dedication and sincere efforts for each art work, inspires the group.
Anuradha is lovely lady, always ready to try tatting pieces posted in the group. She too has stitched many tatted laces and motifs on her outfits.
Thilottama is super fast in all her craft work including tatting. Always first to try patterns posted on the group
Smita is a beautiful and very creative lady, master of all arts, specially crochet and knitting work. She has tatted this flower from Fuchsia Garden  
Vani has tatted her single shuttle creation but designer not known
All my group members are inspiration for my tatting creations.
Although MUSKAAN is not in my Tatting group, I would love to mention her as the great pillar of inspiration behind my blogging addiction. She helped me immensely in preparing my every blog post i.e from inserting tatting links, using perfect terms for each technique, introduction to my patterns to proper pattern writing. I would recommend all to visit Muskaan’s blog to learn lot about tatting art.

My single shuttle creations coming soon in the next blog post.........

I wish long Happy Tatting years ahead to all the tatter members 💖💖


  1. Oh so so nicely you have placed everyone Usha dear ...thanks for all you have done by encouraging and inspiring all of us in the group every single day...Congrats!

  2. Great enthusiasm!! Thank you!learned so much from all you experienced tatter,although I can't spend lots of time tatting.

    1. Yes vani I know. We have to find time if we are really passionate. Great going all of you!!

  3. Wow, Love your post and the creativity of your group ! A truly talented group. And I watched Madhur's video - wow, is she fast !!! I am a slow cargo coach compared to that :-D
    Nice to know some members of your group. Wish we could see more of their working in blogland ?
    And aren't you sneaky - adding that last para ?! But thanks, I appreciate & value the friendship that has developed due to this.

    1. Madhur is amazing. Even I look forward to some members enter in blogland☺️. Mentioned you Muskaan as I wanted you to be in the group. You are welcome anytime.

  4. Wonderful to be part of a group that inspires and encourages each other!

  5. Very true Jane! This theme idea has been really exciting.

  6. All these items are lovely and great ideas for a group to work on. Will be intrigued 🌹❤️🌹

  7. Thanks Carollyn. The idea really working great n inspiring everyone now ☺️

  8. What a wonderful group that inspires and helps others to improve, great challenge to tat with just a shuttle

  9. Thanks Margaret! you are right. The theme has inspired us greatly. Now single shuttle lace theme is going on. so many ideas to work out!