Tuesday, 20 June 2017

String them creatively!!!

Stringing Dot Picots on a bare thread, the idea entered in my mind while creating patterns with only a single shuttle for My Tatting Group's single shuttle challenge. After seeing the beautiful effect of the string, I could not resist converting every bare thread into a Dot Picot string. I used this effect on laces with single shuttle to avoid bare thread and which made the lace pattern more ornamental.

In this Exotic Pollen motif pattern, two strings of Dot Picots are placed inside rings as pollen. Until now I have tatted  Dot Picots only on chains as thrown ring of one double stitch with other shuttle  as seen in my Dreamcatcher and the pollen in this flower motif are the Dot Picots tatted with same shuttle close to each other, creating a string on bare thread.

The motif is tatted in two rounds in one pass with two shuttles. The first round of five rings with an inverted picot tatted throughout with single shuttle and second round of chains above those rings as petals. The pattern is test tatted by Muskaan with beautiful variations in her unique style. I thank her for the most valuable suggestions and guidance for making videos, writing pdf pattern and this blog text too.

Find PDF pattern here- Exotic Pollen
Find uploaded Video on How to tat Dot Picot String here-Dot Picot String
Below are some steps for your easy working
      Another color variation
The beauty of Exotic Pollen motif lies in single color thread but one can use different color for pollen or tat complete motif in two or multi color thread.

Coming up with another post on the single shuttle laces soon where I will share my latest Dot Picots creations. So keep watching my Blog !!!

A Request for Test Tatting!!!!
The Fusion Elegance is a small motif measuring 4.5x4.5 cm, a  fusion of Dots and Dot Picots. My written motif pattern is ready. I am still a novice at pattern writing and tatting technicalities. Muskaan helped me immensely in test tatting for my every blog post including Exotic Pollen, in spite her busy schedule. I shall  be happy if anyone likes to test tat Fusion Elegance to make sure that the written pattern will not misguide any enthusiastic tatter.
Kindly email me if you are interested to try this out for me.
Thanks in advance.

Happy Tatting always !!!!!!!


  1. Simply awesome!!!!!! I don't have the nerve to even try it out. My learning curve is seeing a downward trend....age (sigh)

  2. Thanks Madhur!!! No issues about trying out. May be your health not allowing you. Take care.

  3. Thank you for sharing the technique and video! I can see this being useful in many designs and it works perfectly in your flower pattern.

    1. Yes Robin. You are always welcome.Thanks a lot.

  4. Your flowers look awesome!!! :)
    I haven't tried your dot picots yet, so I will let someone else test tat for you.

  5. Such a lovely flower! Thank you for sharing your pattern :)

  6. I am very impressed with your work, and your ideas are inspiring. I look forward to trying these dot picots. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Eliz. Dot Picots are easy to tat. Pl try them and share your experience.

  7. Dear Usha,
    When I created this technique in 2014, I called it knotted picots or knotted ring picots. I taught two classes for Georgia Seitz & my instructions & patterns are in her class list for 26 May 2014. Mine are worked with a DDS as I found it was easier for Tatters to close the 1 picot ring. The techniques is exactly the same. Great minds think alike I guess, but with respect please don't claim this technique as your own & it is called Knotted Picots or Knotted Ring Picots.
    Kind regards,
    Susan Moore

  8. Yes Susan, Surely great minds think alike!!!
    Respecting your Knotted Ring Picots, my points……..
    1.The tiny dot was an independent creation while working with two shuttles. Till then I never heard about any such similar effect or technique. The experienced and well known tatters guided me towards similar effects as detailed and credited in the "Dot Picot Explained" post. Here is the link-
    2.Since that time the Dot Picots have evolved tremendously. They can be made not merely on chains and mock rings as an independent element, but also on normal rings and on bare thread (where the Dot Picot String can easily substitute a chain) as well. Their interesting effects are evident throughout my blog and patterns. This is not possible with Knotted Ring Picots.
    Kindly check this link How Dot Picots evolved.
    3.I will update the post where the Dot Picots are compared with Knotted Ring Picots with your name and your pdf links.
    4.Thank you for your lovely pattern and technique.