Sunday, 18 October 2020

Stringing the Snowflakes.....

Split Rings Strings…. A new look to Christmas Decor

Kiran Thakur, a member of our Indian Happy Tatters Group, invited fellow tatters to contribute towards a Fund Raiser. Madhur...our group's most senior and passionate tatter, inspired everyone to tat Christmas Decor items for this Noble Cause. The proceeds from the sale of these tatted articles would be donated to the Welfare of the Animals in Goa, India. 

‘Snowflakes tatting’ theme captured the mind of every tatter in the group... a good opportunity to display tatting of snowflakes, crosses and medallions. Various tatting techniques were shared and learnt in the group.  Overflowing enthusiasm of each member is an inspiration to tat more and create new patterns. 

Sharing my snowflakes creations tatted with Anchor 20 ……..

My first attempt was using .Dot Picot Strings 

1) Dot Picot Snowflake…..measures 12x12cms.

2)  IcyCrystal Snowflake……measures 11cms in diameter

Snowflakes Patterns (From No. 3 to No.9)

Strings of tiny (3/3) Split Rings.....

 replacing the normal chains and Dot Picot Strings

3) Elegance in White - measures 5.5cms in diameter

4) Power of Elegance …..measures 13cms in diameter 

 Lark’s Head Join in all ring joins

5) Star Snowflake…...measures 11.5cms in diameter

6) Dainty Looks…..measures 7.5cms in diameter

Split Rings Strings used differently in Pattern 7 and 8

7) Chakra Snowflake1…….measures 8.5cms in diameter

8) Chakra Snowflake2 measures 9cms in diameter

Difference in shape because of interchanging colors of split rings.

9) Lacy Snowflake….measures 8cms in diameter

Split Rings Strings with one sided picots for lacy looks

 and many more variations can be tatted………

Hope you enjoy tatting this new effect of Split Rings Strings.