Sunday, 26 March 2017

My Lanyards

Hi !!! Back after long time. Been busy making lanyards with split rings for eyeglasses. Enjoyed using different kinds of beads and creating something new. You can see black or white findings attached at each the end of the lanyards.

                            Click on the image above and you can see all different varieties I made.
                                Showing below how I have used each lanyard for spectacles.
Made with simple split rings and three SLTs (Shoe Lace Knots) in between two.

 In this variation, the braid has 3 parts- the two end segments with bugle beads strung on both shuttles, and the central portion with large round beads.
Further, the end segments have one SR alternating with two adjacent half closed rings (HCR) , one each made with 2 shuttles. The bugle bead , placed on core thread, covers the bare thread space when the ring is closed, creating a lovely half moon shape. 
Middle part is made up of SRs only, using the technique of bead in center of SR by two smaller SRs.  
                                   The above image is taken while working on the pattern.
                                            Just to give close up of HCRs and beads. 
Simple split rings with beads in between the two makes a great pattern.
I loved this Grey, black n shiney white combination.

            Will be posting other three lanyards in top pic tomorrow.                                              
Kindly mail me in case you need detailed working of any one of these.
Happy Tatting till then ...........