Sunday, 24 September 2017

Art of Overlaying......

Hi Friends

Recently found way of overlaying another color of thread while working on normal rings.
The yellow rings are encircled with overlaid clusters made of tiny Dot Picots and Dot Picot Strings. You can see the innermost part of the motif tatted with Dot Picot Strings at the base of yellow rings.
The members of my Indian Tatters Group viz. Aparna, Vrinda, Seema, Vandana enjoyed tatting this motif.
Diane confirmed my written pattern and tried Dot Picots.
Aparna responded quickly
Seema tatted with one extended petal with stunning combination.
Variation by Vrinda, another brilliant tatter in my group.
She restricted the motif to four petals, forming a perfect square.
Muskaan has helped me immensely in finalising the PDF with all her expertise in tatting knowledge and experience. Thank you so much Muskaan!!!
There are two separate pictorials in PDF. One for the steps for the blue cluster on yellow rings and the other for the overall working of the motif.
Hope you all will find it easy with the detailed PDF pattern.
PDF Pattern here -Encircled Charm
I learned from Georgia that overlaying effect is same as Muskaan explained in her blog as Ikuta Picots.
Encircled Charm is a variation of this effect.
Many patterns popped up while tatting my tiny motif ‘Encircled Charm’.
These were tatted with normal picots leaving bare thread space between the rings.
Hope you all shall enjoy working with Dot Picots and overlaying too.

Kindly do write your comments, suggestions and/or queries.

HAPPY TATTING...........................

Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Transformation!!

Hi all,
Georgia Seitz shared patterns of various laces from NeedleArt Magazine, Vol 8#3 published in 1921, in The Tatting Newsletter. I thank Georgia for giving opportunity to bring out creative variations in antique lace patterns.

I have tatted two variations of the Original pattern on BellaOnline.

"Tatted Edges and Insertions for Underwear" Needleart 1921 Edging no 2

Both variations are single shuttle creations with special effect of Dot Picot Strings. Dot Picots give effect of beads when they are tatted uniformly in place of normal picots.

Variation 1-
In the above variation, I have tatted rings with normal picots after every stitch and the chains are replaced by Dot Picot Strings.
Variation 2-
In this variation, normal rings are replaced by Josephine Rings and chains are replaced by dot picot strings. I added dangling Dot Picot Strings with pearl at the end of each scallop.
Sharing another summer homework from The Tatting Newsletter

The Boutonniere from Antique Pattern Library

I was impressed by the frilly look of this button pattern. I replaced all normal picots by dot picots and it showed a totally different look.The Dot Picots look like beads if tatted uniformly.
Variation of The Boutonniere-
Two shuttles were loaded each with two threads simultaneously by CTM method.
I selected matching thread colors of the button for my above outfit.
It was real fun to work with two threads at a time.

Your comments, suggestions, ideas are welcome.
Wish to see you all tatting Dot Picots.......

-----------Happy Tatting-------------

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Exotic Dot Picots

Hi friends
The Dot Picots and the Dot Picot Strings are so fascinating that I have been trying to include them in different patterns.
Here is a star flower and a split ring braid.
Close up of Star Flower using Dot Picot String.
close up1.jpg
All chains in the outer round have a mock ring in center.
The mock ring is a string of four Dot picots close to each other.
Close up of Dot Picot Split Ring braid.
close up.jpg
Amazing  appearance of dot picots as woven beads in this braid.
My single shuttle creations- application of Dot Picot Strings
Tiny Diamond Motif
Small rings with different picot lengths shaped like a flower are joined with dot picot string.
Dot Picot Trio motif-
Each trefoil petal is encircled with dot picot string. A mock ring of dot picot string is tatted at center of each petal.

Are you too getting crazy tatting Dot Picots????
Try few and share with us.
I welcome suggestions, comments and queries from all.

Happy Tatting………...

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Tatting Lord Ganesha

Hi Friends
I am sharing here with you my happy and creative moments while celebrating Indian festival Ganesh Chaturthi. A ten-day festival, that reveres Lord Ganesha as the God of new beginnings and the remover of obstacles and is observed throughout India.
The festival is celebrated with great passion and devotion.
The passion for creativity is reflected in my Tatting Group members too.
A fabulous creation in tatting by VRINDA.
She artistically used chains for the crown and the trunk giving an outline of Lord Ganesha’s face. I just loved the twist she gave to the trunk by making SLT.
DHEEKSHA, a very creative tatter, recently joined my group has beautifully crafted this Ganesha in golden thread with pearls. She has tatted the chains and rings so neatly with perfect measurements depicting the face of Ganesha.
SMITA has devoted her tatting and crochet art to make exact replica of Ganesh. While the round face is , made with crochet, the ears and crown are made with tatted onion rings, the tusk in white and the trunk tatted with only chain swirls. The Ganesha came out very well and is looking really awesome.
SMITA is a multi-talented artist and here are some pics of her Rangoli creations. She had drawn the Rangoli with her hand on the floor outside main entrance of her house. This Rangoli is a fine powder of sand like material used mainly in white color for borders and the other colors mixed with the same powder for filling.
When she doesn't have much time to draw her own designs she uses readymade stencils to create Rangoli like the picture below.
These stencils are easily available in Indian markets throughout the festive season. I really appreciate Smita’s creativity, she and her family celebrates every Indian festival using her artistic talent.
A very unique and stunning garland made by SHALMALI with different colored 4o’clock flowers. These are grown in her courtyard at Pune house.
Shalmali took efforts to make a video to share this technique with us.
Watch video-How to make garland
It is really an amazing way to lock them together without using any thread
My brother in law, Ajit made a beautiful Styrofoam decoration for a 2ft Ganesh idol in Dubai.
The design was kept simple to highlight the lighting of the decoration.
The LED light strips were hidden inside the Styrofoam pieces giving the overall structure the glowing lighting effect.
Let Lord Ganesha bless everyone with more and more creativity and happiness.