Thursday, 23 February 2017

My First BLOG

Hello Dear Tatters,

Welcome to my blog Ushas Creations where I will be sharing my tatting projects, my experiments and my new creations.
Tatting is my passion. My main projects are Tatted Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, Gift Envelopes and Rakhis.
My other hobbies crochet and knitting, other arts n crafts.

Since this is my first blog, I would like to share my new ornamental effect in tatting

                                                        I call it the DOT PICOT. 


                                                                   ​DOT PICOT MOTIF
Instead of regular picots on  a chain,  I made tiny rings that sit above the chain. They are 1-stitch thrown (or thrown-off) rings called dots, and since they are used in place of picots, I named them Dot Picots.

As long as one is using 2 shuttles,  decorative picots in any pattern can be converted to dot picots for an alternative effect. It will give your tatted work an ornamental look. 

Here is pattern of the Dot Picot Motif-
SH1- Yellow, SH2- Blue in Size 20 thread 
Measured 5cm x 5cm
First row consists dot picots. 
I have extended by second row to give it more appealing look and it shaped like a star.

1st Row- with SH1 R4-4, center picot measuring 5mm, 4-4 rw
              * ch 2, dot picot( i.e. tiny ring 1ds with SH2, cl) ,
                repeat from * four times more, 2ds, rw

 continue till there are 6 rings ending with dot picot chain(Join back to first ring) SLT

 2nd Row- *with Sh2, 10ds, R with SH2 8ds, 10ds join at base of ring on first row.
 continue till end from * and complete the star motif

Yes, it will be fun to try it out.