Sunday, 21 April 2019

Beaded Beauties..1

My bead mania continues😀......
with Guchha Earrings
These beaded earrings perfectly named as 'Guchha' by my dear tatter friend Madhur and I loved the name😍
The meaning of the word 'guchha' in Indian language is a bunch of flowers or fruits, tied together or growing on the same stem.
I tried to replicate this nature's pattern in my tatting.
These 'guchhas' are tatted in easy steps using single shuttle.
Here is a step by step pictorial..........
1. First ring tatted using seed beads on ring and shuttle thread.
2. Tat two more rings similar way. 
3. Tie up all three rings and tat a big ring with a picot to attach a finding.
Here are some variations with different color combinations and bead sizes for you

Enjoy tatting with beads😀😀

Happy Tatting..........

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Beaded beauties

Lanyards are tatted using 1,2 mm glass beads with single shuttle. I have tried to tat rings of 3 and 4 double stitches as per bead size. These rings are snugged in such a way that they resemble the consecutive real glass bead.
The Dark Blue and the red lanyards are tatted using 1mm beads with rings of 3ds and the Sky Blue 2mm beads with rings of 4ds.
This Black lanyard with white transparent glass beads is currently in progress. These are 1mm beads with rings of 3ds.
Close up of the work

Happy Tatting................😀