Thursday, 29 June 2017

My Single Shuttle Laces

Tatting is a creative world!!!! Thanks everyone for positive response for My Single Shuttle Motifs.
Here I am sharing few of my own designs of single shuttle lace patterns with brief descriptions of each technique or effect used. These innovative ideas have come out of my Tatting Group's Single shuttle challenge. I would be happy to share patterns if anyone likes to try out my designs. Kindly email me for the same.
While tatting single shuttle laces, the only option was to tat rings in a row with or without bare thread. I thought of  replacing this bare thread using Dot Picots. I visualized lot of potential lying in the tiny ring of one double stitch. The Dot Picots can be used in many ways to make tatted pieces more ornamental.
I tatted six dot picots close to each other on the shuttle thread and it looked like a beaded string.
While moving over to next ring in a simple lace, one can replace the bare thread, which is used to leave some space to avoid overlapping, with this string of Dot Picots .
1.Laces with Dot Picot Strings: I was obsessed with replacing the bare thread with dot picot strings and created some unique patterns  using normal rings, onion rings, dots, trefoils, roll-tatted rings. You can just zoom in to see each one.
2. Laces with Half Closed Rings: This technique is commonly used but Brown lace is tatted with little variation. The half closed rings are tatted in between the normal rings with lacy picots. The light brown is trefoil of half closed rings.
3. Laces using vsps: These laces are tatted with very small picots which are frequently used for joining rings or chains. All four laces are tatted using vsp(very small picot) technique and not by SSSR (Single Shuttle Split Rings), where the shuttle thread is lock joined from back side to tat another ring in same direction. 
4. Simple laces with and without picots: Simple laces on left are made with variation in picot gauge and variation in double stitches showing the bare thread giving delicate look. On the right side, some laces are tatted with normal rings, some with Josephine  rings, all without picots.
5. Laces with Inverted picots and cross picots: In green lace each ring has three inverted picots, two short inverted picots on either sides and one long inverted picot in middle.  All three picots are  lock joined after closing the ring, giving shape of coins. In this lace, long Picots can be replaced by beads. In the orange lace, long picots are joined diagonally to the next ring.
All above lace patterns are created by me out of restriction of using only one shuttle as per the Theme of my Tatting Group. 
Hope you like them all. 
Posting my group members work on laces soon..........

All your comments, suggestions, queries are welcome.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

String them creatively!!!

Stringing Dot Picots on a bare thread, the idea entered in my mind while creating patterns with only a single shuttle for My Tatting Group's single shuttle challenge. After seeing the beautiful effect of the string, I could not resist converting every bare thread into a Dot Picot string. I used this effect on laces with single shuttle to avoid bare thread and which made the lace pattern more ornamental.

In this Exotic Pollen motif pattern, two strings of Dot Picots are placed inside rings as pollen. Until now I have tatted  Dot Picots only on chains as thrown ring of one double stitch with other shuttle  as seen in my Dreamcatcher and the pollen in this flower motif are the Dot Picots tatted with same shuttle close to each other, creating a string on bare thread.

The motif is tatted in two rounds in one pass with two shuttles. The first round of five rings with an inverted picot tatted throughout with single shuttle and second round of chains above those rings as petals. The pattern is test tatted by Muskaan with beautiful variations in her unique style. I thank her for the most valuable suggestions and guidance for making videos, writing pdf pattern and this blog text too.

Find PDF pattern here- Exotic Pollen
Find uploaded Video on How to tat Dot Picot String here-Dot Picot String
Below are some steps for your easy working
      Another color variation
The beauty of Exotic Pollen motif lies in single color thread but one can use different color for pollen or tat complete motif in two or multi color thread.

Coming up with another post on the single shuttle laces soon where I will share my latest Dot Picots creations. So keep watching my Blog !!!

A Request for Test Tatting!!!!
The Fusion Elegance is a small motif measuring 4.5x4.5 cm, a  fusion of Dots and Dot Picots. My written motif pattern is ready. I am still a novice at pattern writing and tatting technicalities. Muskaan helped me immensely in test tatting for my every blog post including Exotic Pollen, in spite her busy schedule. I shall  be happy if anyone likes to test tat Fusion Elegance to make sure that the written pattern will not misguide any enthusiastic tatter.
Kindly email me if you are interested to try this out for me.
Thanks in advance.

Happy Tatting always !!!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Lets create with Single Shuttle.........

Hello tatters
The word Single Shuttle sounded soooo simple, that no one knew what it can create!!! Yes, It's true. My Happy Tatters group has shown the way to use only one shuttle to create multiple possibilities in tatting. The theme in the group started with simple motifs. Many experienced tatters ended up tatting more difficult and larger motifs. Muskaan too got inspired with our idea of creating motifs with single shuttle and she really came out with her beautiful designs.
Here I m sharing with you some of my creations. I made use of all possible techniques known to me like  Dot Picots, Dots, Half Closed Rings, Rings in gradation, inverted picots  etc.
Below is the collage of some motifs, each one is uniquely tatted with one of these techniques.

I tatted Muskaan's patterns of Heart and Star of Halves which she tatted with single shuttle
Though the heart came out correctly, Star of halves turned into flower as I added one more petal and joined small half closed rings in first round to a long center picot.
Here sharing with you my unique Single Shuttle Patterns
This Dot Medallion is tatted with vintage dots i.e rings of 4ds.
This Star Crystal Snowflake might look familiar to patterns available in tatting, but it is my own stitchcount. I have tatted it in one pass and bare thread is used to separate middle flower.
Here is my Dot picot medallion. The specialty is, the bare thread space between the rings is taken over by Dot Picot Strings, giving look of beaded lace.
You too start creating with single shuttle and share with me.
All your comments, suggestions are welcome.
Next theme started.......Single shuttle laces. Any ideas????

Happy single shuttle tatting ................

Sunday, 4 June 2017

My Group,My Inspiration

Dedicating this post to my Indian Tatting Group Happy Tatters!!!!!!
HAPPY TATTERS, My Indian Tatting Group since September 2016, is currently rocking with weekly themes like Single, double shuttle, shuttle n ball motifs, laces etc with all possible combinations. There are number of designs to work on where sky is the limit.  Members got very much inspired by the Theme Idea floated by Vrinda Bandishte, a tatter designer from Pune, Maharashtra. The group includes all super multi talented tatters viz. Madhur Dadlani, Vrinda Bandishte, Thilothama Bhat, Shalmali Bapat, Saadia Habib, Anuradha Bhusari, Vani Kattoju, Smita Koppikar, Aparna Joglekar, Meenal Palshikar, Vandana Puri and many others. 
Single shuttle designs have brought a lot of enthusiasm to tat simple pieces so far. The theme had to be extended for one more week as everyone wanted to tat more designs. The theme has inspired each member to tat at least a single motif everyday.
Here are some snapshots of theme work i.e. Tatting with Single Shuttle by the members during last fortnight. All patterns tatted are from internet or from Antique Pattern Library or DMC Patterns book with due credit to the original designers like Mark Mayers, Mary Konior and others. 
Madhur has tatted number of doilies, motifs which are posted on her blog. She has gifted away a lot of her tatted work and still tatting more…… She is so enthusiastic that she has tatted more than one motif each day with her fastest speed of tatting. Watch her video on You Tube.

Vrinda is very creative, multi-talented tatter, designing her own patterns and we all are proud of her work too. Tatting with theme is her brainchild which allows everyone’s creativity to reach sky. Below are her own designs under the name Knotty Creations  
Shalmali is a very sincere tatter, crafting other arts too. She has tatted many pieces and stitched them on dresses and sarees and other outfits. Her application of Tatting work in daily use is worth appreciating.
Saadia is a versatile crafter, a wonderful tatter. Her dedication and sincere efforts for each art work, inspires the group.
Anuradha is lovely lady, always ready to try tatting pieces posted in the group. She too has stitched many tatted laces and motifs on her outfits.
Thilottama is super fast in all her craft work including tatting. Always first to try patterns posted on the group
Smita is a beautiful and very creative lady, master of all arts, specially crochet and knitting work. She has tatted this flower from Fuchsia Garden  
Vani has tatted her single shuttle creation but designer not known
All my group members are inspiration for my tatting creations.
Although MUSKAAN is not in my Tatting group, I would love to mention her as the great pillar of inspiration behind my blogging addiction. She helped me immensely in preparing my every blog post i.e from inserting tatting links, using perfect terms for each technique, introduction to my patterns to proper pattern writing. I would recommend all to visit Muskaan’s blog to learn lot about tatting art.

My single shuttle creations coming soon in the next blog post.........

I wish long Happy Tatting years ahead to all the tatter members 💖💖

Friday, 2 June 2017

Enchanting Square

Hi Tatters
Here is my new square motif tatted with old technique of Dot. Dot is a vintage term used for tiny rings of up to 4 or 5 stitches only. Muskaan too has explained Dots in her blog. I have used rings of only two double stitches.
The motif is made up of two rounds, tatted continuously. 
The first round is large ring with long and regular picots. It can be tatted as a SCMR, too. If using 2 colours, one can tat this ring separately. 
The second round has tiny ‘dots’ in between four arms with floating rings. The dots joined to the center, are separated by very short chains.
Muskaan has test tatted this motif and found it ruffled while working. She had to block the piece to lay it flat. In my opinion, if the motif is tatted with moderate tension of stitches, it doesn’t ruffle much. As I too had to press it before clicking the pics. I would recommend blocking the tatted motif for best results.
click here to download pdf  - Enchanting Square
Some close up pics given below, which I had taken while working on this motif.
                The motif looks beautiful in variegated thread.  Variation tatted in single color.
Your Feedback, Suggestions, comments are always welcome.  

Happy tatting...............