Friday, 2 June 2017

Enchanting Square

Hi Tatters
Here is my new square motif tatted with old technique of Dot. Dot is a vintage term used for tiny rings of up to 4 or 5 stitches only. Muskaan too has explained Dots in her blog. I have used rings of only two double stitches.
The motif is made up of two rounds, tatted continuously. 
The first round is large ring with long and regular picots. It can be tatted as a SCMR, too. If using 2 colours, one can tat this ring separately. 
The second round has tiny ‘dots’ in between four arms with floating rings. The dots joined to the center, are separated by very short chains.
Muskaan has test tatted this motif and found it ruffled while working. She had to block the piece to lay it flat. In my opinion, if the motif is tatted with moderate tension of stitches, it doesn’t ruffle much. As I too had to press it before clicking the pics. I would recommend blocking the tatted motif for best results.
click here to download pdf  - Enchanting Square
Some close up pics given below, which I had taken while working on this motif.
                The motif looks beautiful in variegated thread.  Variation tatted in single color.
Your Feedback, Suggestions, comments are always welcome.  

Happy tatting...............                   


  1. Ahh this is very beautiful and love your design its fantastic and thank you for the pattern It looks like it would be fun to connect together and wonder what a bunch of them would look like!
    dot tatting is some of my favorite and tons of great possibilities!

    1. Thanks Carollyn!!!! Yes there are many possibilities. The bunch of squares would b more exciting.