Saturday, 27 May 2017

Tiny Bows and a Wheel

Tiny Dots Bows
The angles were discovered while experimenting with different coloured Dot Picots. SLT to switch shuttles for changing thread colour was the necessary step. While threads at the beginning were still there, it looked like a bow after making another triangle on the other side.
The tiny Bows pattern going to be discussed in Online Tatting Class OTC 2017
look for detailed  PDF Pattern here. Video Link on How to make Dot Picots 
Tatting Bow Step by Step……….
And my discovery didn’t end with two triangles on opposite side,     
I added one more triangle to the two,became a trefoil.
   Fourth triangle added looked like a beautiful
tiny flower with red dots.
The Wheel pattern explained in PDF also out of experiments.
Its fusion of normal picots on rings and Dot Picots on chains inner side.
   Another color variation

Muskaan has developed perfect diagram to make this pattern easier.

look for detailed  PDF Pattern with diagram here.

I see many possibilities for number of patterns using technic of Dot Picots.
What do you think? 
Ready to experiment?

All suggestions, variations, comments are welcome.

Happy Tatting ...............


  1. Your dot picots are going places!

    1. 👍Great!!! Thanks to you all for trying these patterns.

  2. very cute :-))) I did a bit of experimentation myself, today, with these patterns ;-P

    1. Yes Muskaan!!!! Eager to see your creations. You inspired me to make Dot picots on rings. Working on that pattern now. Thanks

  3. Great bows!! :)
    The other designs look great too!! :)
    Your motifs are wonderful!! :)

  4. Thank you Sue. Hope you tried Dot Picots!!!