Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Dreamcatcher updated.........

Dear Tatters,
Have you gone through my previous blog post- The Dreamcatcher??
I have been working on making the pattern easier to tat.
You will find the revised PDF pattern here :  PDFrevised 
Muskaan tatted this Dreamcatcher and found that some modifications and clarifications were needed with links.

Here are.......
The Techniques explained with respective links-

1.Dot picot : is a thrown ring of 1 double stitch, made with second shuttle
    All about dot picot , Video demo

2. Decorative lock join : is made exactly like a lock join with core thread, but at a distance, such that the loops of the join are visible. Joining loops should have just enough tension to span the distance without pulling too tight. Also find this technique in this Video demo by Daniela Mendola 

Displayed below some close up pics (see steps 1 to 4) which I had taken while tatting another color combo shown in the previous blog post- The Dreamcatcher
3. Decorative picot join : is made exactly like a picot join, but at a distance such that the joining loops are visible. Pictorial instructions  by Muskaan.

Hope this update will fulfil your dream to tat the Dreamcatcher with ease.

All your comments, suggestions remarks are welcome.

Happy Tatting 

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