Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Dreamcatcher

Hello all

                                                 Pattern explained and updated on 25.05.2017-UPDATE
I am really thankful to Georgia Seitz for giving me the opportunity to explain my new Dot Picot technique in her Online Tatting Class OTC 2017 session. I hope some of you have tried the Dot Picot and now well acquainted with the technique. 
I shared the video with tatters in Online Tatting Class of how to make a Dot Picot i.e. a thrown ring of only one double stitch. Here is the link for the same -  How to make Dot Picots

Muskaan as you all know her, is a well experienced tatter who is the inspiration behind my blogging career. Muskaan helped me to prepare for the presentation for the class session. She drafted the layout and text of the PDF and drew diagrams for my Dot Picot Flower and Wonder Lilac Pattern DotPicotLilacPdf .She test tatted my both motif patterns and posted on her blog with perfect explanation. 
A must visit: thumb-nailed-it

I had posted some Dot Picot motifs in my previous blog Dot Picots Explained !!!!!!!!!
Today I am sharing with you the Dreamcatcher medallion having outer round of dot picots and layers of contrast thread colors tatted in different sequence of rounds.
The pattern shown here is for Blue and Golden Yellow Dreamcatcher. Other two color variations are shown at the end of this pattern.

The medallion starts with the 2 outer rounds in  blue, tatted continuously by climbing out with split rings. Next we tat the 2 golden rounds separately - first the outer one, then the inner one. Here, lock join threads are made visible purposely to enhance the beauty of this design. The Dreamcatcher is finished off with the central blue round of rings

Pattern for my Dreamcatcher motif:
 Two contrast shades of threads to show separate layers.
I have used Anchor 20 for both Blue n Golden yellow thread.
Detailed pattern given in this PDF Link
Updated Pattern 25.05.2017 in  PDFrevised

Few points to note:
       ʘ is a new symbol for  Dot Picot i.e. 1ds thrown ring on chain   
For  Round 1  Wind SH1 n SH2 Blue color CTM for rounds 1 & 2.  
                        climb out by tatting SR  and complete circle of 16 rings.

 Tat Round 2 with Dot Picots and thrown ring
       Round 3 is tatted over rings of second round in golden yellow
       Wind shuttle with golden yellow thread and leave attached to ball, do not cut
                      Let the joining thread be seen, to create V shape of joining thread
     Round 4 is joined over base of the rings of Round 1 using only single shuttle with
     golden yellow thread.Here joining thread to be seen
     Round 5 is tatted over base of rings of Round 4 in blue with only single shuttle.
          All rings should be tatted closer without gap.
                                                   Other variations in different colors


    Catch the dream to tat this medallion and let me know your experience !!!
     Your comments, suggestions are most welcome.

    Happy Tatting always………………..           


  1. Wow, Usha, yes, I am already dreaming of tatting this medallion. Now to decide on the colours !
    Thanks for all that praise (blushing) I enjoyed and learned too.

  2. It's a beautiful dream catcher Usha, thanks for sharing the pattern. I like your colour combinations.

    1. Thanks a lot Jane. Many colour combinations are possible in this design.

  3. Waiting to see your medallion Muskaan. I myself has test tatted again in different colors so let me know if pattern is correct. Of course you deserve all the praise for your valuable work. Keep guiding me with your suggestions and comments.

  4. These dot picots are exquisite! Thank you so much for making the video, it was tremendously helpful to me, and thank you for sharing the medallion, it's GORGEOUS :)

  5. Thanks a lot Craftie Sylvie. Hope you make the medallion n share too.