Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Lets create with Single Shuttle.........

Hello tatters
The word Single Shuttle sounded soooo simple, that no one knew what it can create!!! Yes, It's true. My Happy Tatters group has shown the way to use only one shuttle to create multiple possibilities in tatting. The theme in the group started with simple motifs. Many experienced tatters ended up tatting more difficult and larger motifs. Muskaan too got inspired with our idea of creating motifs with single shuttle and she really came out with her beautiful designs.
Here I m sharing with you some of my creations. I made use of all possible techniques known to me like  Dot Picots, Dots, Half Closed Rings, Rings in gradation, inverted picots  etc.
Below is the collage of some motifs, each one is uniquely tatted with one of these techniques.

I tatted Muskaan's patterns of Heart and Star of Halves which she tatted with single shuttle
Though the heart came out correctly, Star of halves turned into flower as I added one more petal and joined small half closed rings in first round to a long center picot.
Here sharing with you my unique Single Shuttle Patterns
This Dot Medallion is tatted with vintage dots i.e rings of 4ds.
This Star Crystal Snowflake might look familiar to patterns available in tatting, but it is my own stitchcount. I have tatted it in one pass and bare thread is used to separate middle flower.
Here is my Dot picot medallion. The specialty is, the bare thread space between the rings is taken over by Dot Picot Strings, giving look of beaded lace.
You too start creating with single shuttle and share with me.
All your comments, suggestions are welcome.
Next theme started.......Single shuttle laces. Any ideas????

Happy single shuttle tatting ................


  1. Lovely motifs made with the restriction of one shuttle. I especially like the last one, where you've used dot picots instead of bare thread, very effective.

  2. Thank you Jane. Many possibilities to use dot picots. Its beaded look makes the tatted piece very delicate and elegant.

  3. I love them all they are wonderful I also love single shuttle work 🌹❤️🌹

  4. What lovely Single Shuttle patterns. Great blog post.

  5. Beautiful creations !! This challenge has made me appreciate the unlimited potential of a single shuttle.
    I am still continuing as and when I can - shuttle always loaded :-) Many thanks to Vrinda for this challenge. You are doing great !

  6. Yes thanks Muskaan. The whole group has become active. We can keep experimenting with single shuttle forever. There is still lot to explore. All thanks to vrinda!!

  7. Those are all fabulous!!! :)

  8. I love to visit your blog Usha. You are doing really good.

    1. Many Thanks Madhur. Basically your dedication to tatting has been inspiring everyone. Our Group going great now!!!

  9. Hi Ushas! I am a new friend of your blog. Your motifs tatted with a single shuttle are very lovely and really creative. I love them very much!

  10. Hi Daniela! Thank you so much. Single shuttle was great theme of my Indian tatting group. I m fan of your work too. Hugs!!