Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Transformation!!

Hi all,
Georgia Seitz shared patterns of various laces from NeedleArt Magazine, Vol 8#3 published in 1921, in The Tatting Newsletter. I thank Georgia for giving opportunity to bring out creative variations in antique lace patterns.

I have tatted two variations of the Original pattern on BellaOnline.

"Tatted Edges and Insertions for Underwear" Needleart 1921 Edging no 2

Both variations are single shuttle creations with special effect of Dot Picot Strings. Dot Picots give effect of beads when they are tatted uniformly in place of normal picots.

Variation 1-
In the above variation, I have tatted rings with normal picots after every stitch and the chains are replaced by Dot Picot Strings.
Variation 2-
In this variation, normal rings are replaced by Josephine Rings and chains are replaced by dot picot strings. I added dangling Dot Picot Strings with pearl at the end of each scallop.
Sharing another summer homework from The Tatting Newsletter

The Boutonniere from Antique Pattern Library

I was impressed by the frilly look of this button pattern. I replaced all normal picots by dot picots and it showed a totally different look.The Dot Picots look like beads if tatted uniformly.
Variation of The Boutonniere-
Two shuttles were loaded each with two threads simultaneously by CTM method.
I selected matching thread colors of the button for my above outfit.
It was real fun to work with two threads at a time.

Your comments, suggestions, ideas are welcome.
Wish to see you all tatting Dot Picots.......

-----------Happy Tatting-------------


  1. Your dot picots really modernise classic patterns.

  2. Yes Jane. They are fabulous to work with.

  3. Beautiful transformation !!!
    Dot picots on the boutonniere have a practical value too - they won't scrunch up when washed, unlike normal picots !

  4. Thanks Muskaan! Very true. I haven't stitched it. May be I can remove before washing my outfit.

  5. Ooh, wonderful projects!! I love all the colors too!! :)