Wednesday, 29 March 2017

My Lanyards continued..........1

Hope you enjoyed my creations. 
There are endless possibilities with thread colour and beads of different varieties and their placement. Some more designs n combos are in my mind. 
Hope I can make them soon.

Now the remaining three i.e. Lanyard 4,5 and 6 of previous blog are here...
            Lanyard 4
 Simple split rings in light purple thread with brown bugle beads 
and pearls give a stunning combination.
                                    Lanyard 4 work in progress, a closer look
            Lanyard 5
This Lanyard also has split rings with bugle beads n crystal beads in 
between two rings. Dark blue and transparent white combination
               gives very attractive look. Sorry, no work in progress pic for this one. 

           Lanyard 6
                     Wonderful combo of pink n shiny white beads on both halves of 
                       split ring and little bigger crystal bead in between the rings.
  Above image is close of Lanyard 6 work in progress 

Some more lanyards in the making.
Looking forward to your comments n suggestions............
On request, I am adding a close-up of the 3rd lanyard in previous post.


  1. Interesting what one can do with beads and split ring braids !!
    I like the Lanyard 4 close-up - don't think I've done that kind of beading yet. Nice :-)))

    1. There are number of possibilities in every method of tatting with beads. I love experimenting. Lanyard 4 close up taken to show how I inserted bugle beads n pearls. That was really great shot!!!! Thank you so much Muskaan. Your appreciation makes me more confident.

  2. I love all your different variations of beads and colors!! :)
    Those are all wonderful!!! :)

    1. Thanks a lot God's Kid. Sorry I don't know your real name.

    2. It's Sue, but I am God's kid! :)

    3. Oh hi sue!!! Happy that you loved the lanyards. Thank you so much.