Sunday, 5 March 2017

Dot Picot Square

Thank you all for great response to my dot picot idea.

Look at this motif. I made with shiney silky thread
mostly i use for making Rakhis
There are three rows and dot picot used in last i.e. third row
For Dot Picot pl refer to my earlier blog.
SLT (Shoe Lace Trick ) is used where there is change of color in a row.

You will surely enjoy working this!!!!!!!

Rosemary's Heart

I found there is great difference in overall beauty
of the motif by replacing picots by dot picots.
 Dot Picots give ornamental look to the motif or lace.

To experiment this I tried Heart motif by Rosemary Peel
I have kept bottom centre ring as in original pattern.

Many more patterns I am working on.........
Will be posting them soon