Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Ring Ring Ringa……..

Tatting on Rings⭘ ▢ △ ◊ ⬯.................
I have been working on new jewelry patterns using metal rings of different sizes from
2,3,4 mm to 38mm and also in different shapes e.g. round, teardrop diamonds etc.
Sharing here my new danglers using Puff pattern.
'Puff ' - The shape formed inside the ring due to gathering and twisting of threads while
weaving on the ring.
The earrings posted here are tatted with Anchor 20 thread.
(1)Puff Ring Danglers A-The Puff is made by tying thread in the center.
Ring size-18mm
(2)Puff Ring Danglers B-The big eyed bead is added while weaving the Puff.
Ring size- 28mm
(3) Puff Teardrop Danglers - Teardrop shaped Ring Size - 25mmX15mm
(4) Puff Diamond Danglers - Diamond shaped Ring Size- 8mmX8mm
Working of the Puff- Ring Size- 22mm
Note: *Thickness of the Puff varies with number of thread insertions. 
             *These insertions depend on the bead eye size.
Make a pair this way and you get ……….. 
The working pics will help you try out my Puff Danglers pattern.

Any suggestions, queries and comments are welcome.

⧪⧪⧪......HAPPY TATTING......⧪⧪⧪