Thursday, 29 June 2017

My Single Shuttle Laces

Tatting is a creative world!!!! Thanks everyone for positive response for My Single Shuttle Motifs.
Here I am sharing few of my own designs of single shuttle lace patterns with brief descriptions of each technique or effect used. These innovative ideas have come out of my Tatting Group's Single shuttle challenge. I would be happy to share patterns if anyone likes to try out my designs. Kindly email me for the same.
While tatting single shuttle laces, the only option was to tat rings in a row with or without bare thread. I thought of  replacing this bare thread using Dot Picots. I visualized lot of potential lying in the tiny ring of one double stitch. The Dot Picots can be used in many ways to make tatted pieces more ornamental.
I tatted six dot picots close to each other on the shuttle thread and it looked like a beaded string.
While moving over to next ring in a simple lace, one can replace the bare thread, which is used to leave some space to avoid overlapping, with this string of Dot Picots .
1.Laces with Dot Picot Strings: I was obsessed with replacing the bare thread with dot picot strings and created some unique patterns  using normal rings, onion rings, dots, trefoils, roll-tatted rings. You can just zoom in to see each one.
2. Laces with Half Closed Rings: This technique is commonly used but Brown lace is tatted with little variation. The half closed rings are tatted in between the normal rings with lacy picots. The light brown is trefoil of half closed rings.
3. Laces using vsps: These laces are tatted with very small picots which are frequently used for joining rings or chains. All four laces are tatted using vsp(very small picot) technique and not by SSSR (Single Shuttle Split Rings), where the shuttle thread is lock joined from back side to tat another ring in same direction. 
4. Simple laces with and without picots: Simple laces on left are made with variation in picot gauge and variation in double stitches showing the bare thread giving delicate look. On the right side, some laces are tatted with normal rings, some with Josephine  rings, all without picots.
5. Laces with Inverted picots and cross picots: In green lace each ring has three inverted picots, two short inverted picots on either sides and one long inverted picot in middle.  All three picots are  lock joined after closing the ring, giving shape of coins. In this lace, long Picots can be replaced by beads. In the orange lace, long picots are joined diagonally to the next ring.
All above lace patterns are created by me out of restriction of using only one shuttle as per the Theme of my Tatting Group. 
Hope you like them all. 
Posting my group members work on laces soon..........

All your comments, suggestions, queries are welcome.


  1. Nice array of laces - some are very interestingly constructed ! You don't seem to have been "restricted" by the one shuttle rule :-)

  2. Yes Muskaan. The theme is an opportunity for creativity.

  3. Such an array! Lovely work. In the early 1980s the Anna Burda, a German magazine, had single shuttle braids like your number 3.

  4. Thank you so much Jane. Do you have any patterns from that magazine?

  5. Such creativity!!! :) You have done an amazing job and all with only 1 shuttle?? Wow!!! :)