Sunday, 2 July 2017

Love This Fusion!!!

Here is a star medallion, which I have managed to tat tiny dots and tiny dainty dot picots both in one motif. It is an elegant motif with fusion of two techniques, hence I named it Fusion Elegance.
This star motif was test tatted by Marie McCurry. Her motif came out amazingly beautiful.  I thank her for all efforts and valuable suggestions for my pattern writing.
Download the detailed PDF pattern here: Fusion Elegance
I have given step by step pictorial instructions in this PDF pattern.
Main highlight of this medallion is…..
1.Small space between two chains in second round tatted with (1ds P 1ds) dots.
2.The third round is tatted with Dot Picots as thrown rings on chains.
3.Decorative lock joins made in fourth round at eight points to break continuity of one colour.
Sharing my experiment with initial pics below………..
While climbing out to second round of this motif, I was confused where to attach SH2. I needed blue color to make a mock picot to complete first round (See pic 1,2)and Split Ring for the second round. I decided to leave 7cm thread of SH1 at the beginning of the first round.
The same thread was used till I climbed out with Split Ring,(See Pic 3) reversed the work and joined SH2 to continue the pattern.
Another variation
I am glad that Marie was happy with my written instructions.
Hope you enjoy working it too.
Your comments ,suggestions are most welcome.
 Happy Tatting always........


  1. Thanks for allowing me to test your beautiful motif. I'm so proud how far you have come, in such a short time. Keep it up.

    1. Yes Marie, I got perfect cooperation from you. The guidance and support by Muskaan since my first blog played important role in this journey. Georgia, Sue and now you are encouraging me a lot. I thank everyone from my heart.

  2. So lovely!!!! THANK YOU for sharing your pattern :)

    1. Thanks sylvie. Hope you find the pattern easy with my pictorial explanation.

  3. Thank you for such a lovely pattern, your work is very beautiful and I must try this :)