Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Bond of Love!!!!!!

Hello friends,
Our Indian festival of RakshaBandhan kept me busy this year. Its significance is the Bond of Love between Brother and Sister. Where the sister shows her love by tying silk thread on the wrist of her loving brother, in response to her love brother takes vow to take care of her in times of difficulties.
I thought of converting my tatting into pretty Rakhis i.e. a type of bracelet made of silk threads. My family members and friends too appreciated and liked them. I put in all my efforts to make the best Rakhis.
Here I am sharing some Rakhis with you. Each Rakhi is a fully tatted piece, the center and the cord for tying knot. I made center part using tatted motifs and cords using different types of tatted laces.
The first image above shows two clovers joined with an embellishment in the center.
The image on right side is made of split rings and bead in the center method.
Look at the attached brown cords at both ends of the motif.
Its tatted with Lock Chain Stitch. I love the beautiful effect it gives.
Some more unique creations are posted below.
Each one is tatted with the same above technique but with different types of cord patterns.
Tatted motifs tatted from my Tatting Group's Theme  are used in Rakhis below......
I am sure you all would love to see more of my Rakhis.
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Feel free to ask for any pattern you would like to try out.

Coming up with my passion for Gift envelopes soon ...... next blog post.

Till then  HAPPY TATTING .....


  1. Love hearing about different traditions. Thank you for telling the stories. I think my brother and sister ought to read and take note of this blog post!!

    1. Thanks Jane!!! It's application of tatting in Indian festivals.

  2. Such a lovely concept. Beautiful creations, I'm sure your siblings will appreciate your work.

    1. Yes Jane they do love n wear my creations. Thanks a lot.

  3. What a beautiful festival. Lovely creations.

  4. Those are all so beautiful!!! :)

  5. Beautiful creations :-))))
    And such a fun way to play at creating new designs quickly!

  6. Thanks Marie, Sue and Muskaan. You all encourage me.