Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Shaping Up with Rings.....1

The Only Rings…..

Sharing my experiments on shapes with tatting - Polygons using Single Shuttle. Each polygon has been tatted using ‘only rings’, Bare Thread to move forward and Clovers at each vertex in a circular way. Number of rings at the center decides the shape of a polygon. SR (Split Ring) with the thread left at the beginning of the round has been used to climb out to the next round. SSSR(Single Shuttle Split Ring) is another option. Any number of rounds can be added to this square by repeating the pattern to make a doily.

Polygon 1- Square having four sides and four vertices.

  Four rings at the center

 Marie MacCurry has Test Tatted the written pattern of ‘The Only Rings Square’

Thank You so much Marie for tatting this square and  

suggesting corrections in the PDF pattern.

Find PDF pattern here- The Only Rings Square

Four squares joined with a border

Sharing amazing work of this ‘Fun to Tat’ square pattern by

Indian Happy Tatters group members…...



 Aarti, Kavita, Geetha,  Vani, Swarna, Maria, Rekha, Shaila.


Jagruti and Padma tatted the square by hiding bare thread.


Front side : Bare Thread hidden                  Back Side    

Thank You everyone!!!!!

Polygon 2- Triangle- three sides and three vertices

   Three rings at the center

The basic pattern idea for my ‘The Only Rings Square’ has come from 

Madhur’s amazingly beautiful  Unending Doily


      Madhur’s Emptying shuttle project

Next post on some more polygons with Single Shuttle…

viz. Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon……




  1. Very effective. I like the use of colour to emphasise the pattern.

  2. Looks fabulouse. I love the idea of adding the squares to create open space. Brilliant idea.

  3. Wonderful creation Usha. I love your simple innovative patterns.