Saturday, 12 June 2021

BT Beauty

 Sharing a Bookmark pattern---- RADIANCE BOOKMARK

Tatted with Single Shuttle.

Clovers are joined with small rings,

leaving Bare Thread of 30 mm between each.

Find PDF pattern here: Radiance Bookmark 

Marie McCurry has been so kind and helpful to test tat the pattern.

She tatted this Bookmark in beautiful variegated Lizbeth thread.

The Bare Thread length of 30 mm as in the written pattern did not fit 

for Lizbeth thread due to the difference in the thread thickness.

A pictorial below has been added to the PDF pattern for determining 

proper Bare Thread length for different types of threads.

So when you start the Radiance Bookmark pattern, kindly check the 

Bare Thread length for your choice of thread.

Marie re-tatted the Radiance Bookmark using BT length calculation on 

my request.

And the result came out exactly as per the original pattern.

Loads of thanks to Marie😘

Dot Picot Version

The Bare Thread in the Radiance Bookmark pattern replaced by 

Dot Picot Strings.

Video on How to tat Dot Picot String here-Dot Picot String

Other variations……

 In variegated Thread Size 20

In anchor Size 20 with tail variation

Hope you all enjoy tatting this pattern.

Happy Tatting