Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Nothing Trembles!!

I kept watching Ninetta’s new Treble Stitches technique and patterns for a long time. I gone through Muskaan’s detailed study of the technique, but still I did not dare to try out Treble Tatting. One fine day I picked up a filled shuttle, watched Treble Tatting video and came out with a lace … it was totally unplanned….

Yes, I tatted Dot Picot String in between the rings, replacing the bare thread and the result was fusion of two techniques. What a wonderful tatting technique by Ninetta!!!! I managed to learn it easily from her video without trembling and would love to tat other treble variations.
My next project - Sparkle Fusion-
Find Pattern here- Sparkle Fusion
Tip: Dot Picot String can be replaced by 
        1.Tiny beads or 
        2. Keeping bare thread or
        3. Tatting lock chain stitches by adding ball thread 
Muskaan accepted to test tat my fusion motif. She has already mastered the treble technique and tried out many variations which are posted in her blog.
Ninetta too suggested few important changes in the written pattern like the first treble stitch starts with vsp etc….
I thank Muskaan for being so helpful in test tatting and pattern corrections. I thank Ninetta for sharing her wonderful Treble Tatting technique through videos and her blog. Also for helping me finalize the Sparkle Fusion.
Two variations with different centers as explained in PDF pattern.



  1. I'm with Jane, pretty combination of techniques! Thank you very much for this lovely pattern! About the first vsp, it is absolutely correct what you said, I mean every tds starts with a vsp, thank you for having written that in your pattern, too. Happy tatting!

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    1. Sorry Ninetta! My reply got deleted by mistake. Hope you read it. Thank you so much for your appreciation. Love all your Treble tatting ideas.