Saturday, 22 September 2018

Split Rings Mania!!

Hello Tatters,
Split rings fascinated me this time.
I worked on getting a perfect triangle using my own counts after few experiments.
The triangle can be tatted
 1) In single color thread and shuttles can be loaded with
      or without CTM (Continuous Thread Method)
    (without CTM will keep the beginning threads open for multiple uses)
 2) In two different color threads by winding separately on two shuttles.
 Remember to leave 3 inches thread on both shuttles before starting R1.
Pattern link- Split Rings Triangle
I have learnt Inkscape Diagramming from Robin Perfetti ’s tutorials.
  Many many thanks to Robin for such detailed explanation of each feature.
Her layers tutorial for triangle diagram was really useful.
I requested Robin to test tat my motif.
she came out with two versions of triangles- one in single color and other one in two colors.
1. Variegated color with CTM                           2. Two colors with open ends both sides
                            CTM will depend on the application of the motif and will be possible if the motif is tatted in single
(plain or variegated) color.(See Pic 1 above).
Open ends in the beginning do not require CTM. (See Pic 2 above)
CTM will help attach findings
or making a picot for a string as tatted in a barefoot sandal.
Thank you so much Robin for test tatting, diagram corrections and pattern writing.
Do post your comments, suggestions here….



  1. Wonderful and great idea, nice instructions too😃

  2. It’s a nice little triangle and I could imagine several possibilities as I was test tatting it. I love that it lays flat without blocking. Great job on the diagram and pattern!

    1. Robin your appreciation means lot to me. Thank you so much for encouraging! I love inkscaping now.

  3. Congratulations on a nice new pattern and Inkscape diagramming! Your talents know no limits :-)
    Check out Karen Bovard's books and blog - she is the SR Queen ;-)

    1. Thank you so much Muskaan!! Karen is such a master in spilt rings. I bow down to the SR queen!!! I searched a lot on internet for this triangle pattern. Though there are many geometrical shapes available in split rings, did not find my triangle. Addition to karens's stock. Hope she likes it.

  4. Fabulous triangle!!! :) I love the colors you used!! :)