Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Sunrise over the Ocean

I have been working with my newly found effect of CWJDuring my recent visit to Andaman Islands, I watched a beautiful sunrise over blue crystal clear water with white foam over it. The bright rising sun and the waves of the ocean fascinated me. For the first time I felt like capturing the nature’s beauty into tatting art.
And surprisingly  it looked like a Sunrise over the Ocean ………………..
Tatting of long and short loops alternately with  lp_cwj  came out like rays of the bright rising sun.
Sharing below a step by step pictorial of working of the sunrise motif.
 Pic 1- Round1-  Started with a half closed Maltese ring with two shades of yellow. RW
Pic 2- Round 2- Short loops with lp_cwj in each picot on the first round. RW
Pic 3 - gives clear pic of short loops of alternate color after completion of the 2nd Round.
Pic 4- Round 3- Last round with both long and short loops as shown.The orange thread  is inserted with overlay method  to get real effect of the Sun.
The motif had to be blocked and stiffened to get the perfect shape of the Rising Sun.
The waves were tatted with chains of alternate (white and sky blue) colors by switching shuttles.
Before actually tatting the sunrise with real shades, I did one trial with half closed ring with cool purple shades, which looked like a rising sun of some other Galaxy.
lp_cwj  can do wonders. Still lot more to explore.
Kindly wait to see my new creations with lp_cwj in the next blog post.

I welcome your comments, likes, suggestions here.

Happy Tatting 


  1. That’s very effective, art created with tatting.

  2. That is amazing! The sun rays look very nice and also the different colours you used really make it look like very artistic. I can definitely see your tatted picture attached on a greeting card or sewn on clothing. I can't wait to see what you come up with next using this technique.

    1. Thank you so much Lavi. Yes we can apply the motif on card or a dress.

  3. Very beautiful! Excellent application of techniques. Thanks for sharing :-)

    1. Muskaan, application is possible only with your efforts and help. You gave life to my ideas and dreams. Many hearty thanks!!!! Looking forward to continuing association and working like a team with you.

  4. Lovely sight and you have captured this with tatting! I love it and would stitch this to a pillow or bracelet and let the world see!

    1. Thank you so much Carollyn!! Would love to see your work.