Sunday, 24 September 2017

Art of Overlaying......

Hi Friends

Recently found way of overlaying another color of thread while working on normal rings.
The yellow rings are encircled with overlaid clusters made of tiny Dot Picots and Dot Picot Strings. You can see the innermost part of the motif tatted with Dot Picot Strings at the base of yellow rings.
The members of my Indian Tatters Group viz. Aparna, Vrinda, Seema, Vandana enjoyed tatting this motif.
Diane confirmed my written pattern and tried Dot Picots.
Aparna responded quickly
Seema tatted with one extended petal with stunning combination.
Variation by Vrinda, another brilliant tatter in my group.
She restricted the motif to four petals, forming a perfect square.
Muskaan has helped me immensely in finalising the PDF with all her expertise in tatting knowledge and experience. Thank you so much Muskaan!!!
There are two separate pictorials in PDF. One for the steps for the blue cluster on yellow rings and the other for the overall working of the motif.
Hope you all will find it easy with the detailed PDF pattern.
PDF Pattern here -Encircled Charm
I learned from Georgia that overlaying effect is same as Muskaan explained in her blog as Ikuta Picots.
Encircled Charm is a variation of this effect.
Many patterns popped up while tatting my tiny motif ‘Encircled Charm’.
These were tatted with normal picots leaving bare thread space between the rings.
Hope you all shall enjoy working with Dot Picots and overlaying too.

Kindly do write your comments, suggestions and/or queries.

HAPPY TATTING...........................