Friday, 21 April 2017

Heart Transforms!!!!!

Hello everyone
It's not a new lanyard pattern here but a lovely heart. A beautiful heart with a different technique of Dot Picots explained in my first blog My dot picot. I love to see picots in filled style rather  than holed ones as we usually tat. The dot picots give fuller look to picots and they also look ornamental.

I have tatted original heart pattern shared by Nina Libin with Anchor 20 thread.
Muskaan called inside rings as butterfly in her blog.

Nina is a great tatter designer. Just love to tat her beautiful patterns.
Nina Libin's Heart for Kay pattern can be found here:
Nina has used different techniques in this pattern, such as rings, chains, floating rings, picots and various joins. I tried to join chains to rings of inner butterfly by using catherine wheel join in this heart motif at four points as shown in the pic below
With a little variation of converting the picots on outer chains into dot picots while keeping all other techniques same as in original heart motif, I could transform Ninas Heart for Kay.
Now look at both the hearts together..........only difference in picots.
 Isn't that a great transformation!!!!

I hope you will enjoy working my Dot Picot version of Nina Libin's Heart for Kay.
Thanks to Nina for sharing such a pretty heart pattern!!

Happy Tatting.........