Monday, 15 January 2018

Welcome2018 with Tat along1

Dear tatters,
Wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2018

Coquille was selected to tat along by my Indian Tatting group under the leadership of most senior tatter Madhur who tatted number of doilies over the years.

Here is my version of Coquille doily by Jon Yusoff Jan2014.
This is her free pattern, where the rows can be tatted by climbing out with split rings, split chains and mock rings. I tried to tat Coquille in one pass and with front side tatting without reversing for chains. Hope you can make out the difference. The doily ruffled at the end of last row, later blocked the same.
The pics below are taken while work in progress.......
1.Started the doily with one variegated thread, front side tatting and climbing out in each row.
2.Added similar shade of variegated thread in later rounds
3. 7th and 8th round tatted together using mock ring technique.
4. At the end the doily ruffled. Blocking helped.

This is by Madhur.....
The doily was enthusiastically tatted by everyone.

Enjoy the Coquille by different tatters in different colors here.......

By Kavita from Banglore
By Dheeksha from Bangalore
By Meenal from Gurgaon
By Smitha from Coorg
By Thilothama from Bangalore
By Anuradha from Bharuch
By Amrith from Coorg
I thank Jon Yusoff for sharing her beautiful pattern!!

A BIG THANK YOU from group 'HAPPY TATTERS' toooooo.

Happy Tatting......................


  1. Isn't it great to learn something new with each new project! And fun when doing it along with a group :-)
    Nice display of work by your group - colours can make such a difference .

  2. Yes Muskaan! It's great to see color variations! Jon will surely love it.

  3. I love it and started this one too and I messed up and will have to restart looking at all these beautiful ones is encouraging !

    1. Thanks Carollyn!! Wish to see your doily soon.

  4. Wonderful work by all the group! I like the way your variegated thread enhances the sense of movement in the doily.

    1. Thanks Jane. Yes the similar shades getting merged in consequent rows.

  5. Your doily looks wonderful!!! :)
    The others are great too!

  6. How wonderful to tat along with others. They all look so lovely.

  7. Yes Bernice! It was real fun to tat together row after row and sharing our work in progress. I must thank Madhur for her tat along idea to keep unity in the group.